Rally Product Comparison

ICO Racing currently offers two rally computers--the Rallye VRL™ and the new Rallye CAP™. This page should help you decide which ICO Racing rally product is best for you.

Competitive Rally Racer - The competitive rally racer wants instant visual access to both odometer and CAP heading displays without cycling through display modes. For this user, we recommend one of each. Use the Rallye VRL™ in odometer mode and the Rallye CAP™ in compass heading mode. The Rallye CAP™ will also be the racer's backup odometer, eliminating the need for a costly third instrument.

Rally Enthusiast - The casual rally enthusiast may prefer to have a single instrument. For them we recommend the Rallye CAP™ because it has all the functions they need.


Rallye VRL™ Rallye CAP™
Adjustable Odometer in KM and Miles (00.00 or 000.0) X X
Speedometer in KM and Miles X X
Compass heading (CAP) display (e.g. 123°) X
Stage Timer (HH:MM) X
GPS Time-of-Day Clock (HH:MM) X
Sensor Technology
Wheel Sensor (included) X
GPS Receiver (included) X
AutoCal™ automatically matches route X X
Manual wheel size calibration X
OdoQuick™ allows odometer viewing while in CAP or speed mode X
High contrast LCD display X X
Backlight X X
12 month warranty X X
Rugged, Dakar-proven construction X X
Total distance lifetime odometer X X
Powered by bike's 12 volt power X X
200-hour runtime backup batteries X
Remote thumb switch (included) X X
Mounting bracket (included) X X