Meet  Rallye MAX™

Meet Rallye MAX™

Rallye MAX™ is ICO Racing's best rally computer ever. Boasting a huge display with 180° viewing angle, ultra-black contrast, and a weatherproof housing, it's professional grade racing equipment. Available with wheel sensor, or try the Rallye MAX-G™ for a GPS version.

  • Weather Resistant

    Rallye MAX™ uses a SCUBA-inspired housing with a seamless lens, virtually eliminating any chance of water entering the display.

  • Largest Digits

    Rallye MAX™ has huge 20mm digits--larger than any other professional rally computer.

  • 180° Viewing Angle

    Rallye MAX™ uses a custom-made LCD display and boasts a 180° vertical viewing angle, for perfect visibility when sitting or standing.

Better, by design

Better, by design

Re-designed from the ground up by engineers who design MIL-SPEC SCUBA equipment, Rallye MAX's housing is seamless around the display and Nitrogen-purged, virtually eliminating condensation and leaks.

  • ICO Innovations

    ICO pioneered innovations like AutoCal™, OdoQuick™, and OdoPause™. The Rallye MAX™ and Rallye MAX-G™ contain the very best software in the industry.

  • Stand or Sit, no blind-spots

    The Rallye MAX™ line uses a custom-made LCD display with a 180° viewing angle in the vertical axis—a unique feature designed by ICO and available exclusively on the Rallye MAX™.

  • Nitrogen Purged

    Before final assembly, we purge the housing with inert Nitrogen gas to remove any latent moisture. This ensures condensation-free operation.

Buy Rallye MAX 2™

Rallye MAX 2™ $ 325.00 MAP

ICO Racing's rally computers are available exclusively at ICO Racing Authoirized Dealers

Buy Rallye MAX-G™

Rallye MAX-G™ $ 425.00 MAP

ICO Racing's rally computers are available exclusively at ICO Racing Authoirized Dealers

Is the LCD display really that much better than others?

In a word, YES! Most other instruments are designed as "mashups" of generic, off-the-shelf electronic components. Our professional-grade rally instruments use exclusively custom-designed and purpose-built parts, including our innovative LCD and backlight modules. Our LCD uses a custom manufacturing process which creates perfect, pitch-black contrast in all 180° of the vertical axis, so that you can sit or stand and always have a perfect view. Off-the-shelf LCDs favor the horizontal axis, which creates blind spots for the rider as he moves through the typical range of motion.

Is a GPS or wheel sensor more accurate?

The real challenge when designing rally instruments is not accuracy, but rather quickly learning the inaccuracies built into the day's route. Both the GPS-based Rallye MAX-G™ and the wheel sensor-based Rallye MAX™ have ICO's innovative AutoCal™ feature, which quickly adjusts to the idiosyncrasies of the route.

For routes created from a GPS source, like, the Rallye MAX-G™ will excel right from the start. For routes laid out with a traditional wheel sensor, a well-calibrated Rallye MAX™ might do better at the very beginning of the stage.

In all cases, ICO Racing's sophisticated and very quick AutoCal™ learning algorithm will smooth out any variations. Ultimately your choice of GPS or wheel sensor should not revolve around accuracy--all ICO Racing™ computers, GPS or wheel sensor, have been proven in the world's toughest races.

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Does the Rallye MAX-G™ use elevation data in its distance calculations?

Since so many roadbooks today are created using or Google Earth, which both typically ignore elevation, the Rallye MAX-G™ also ignores elevation.

Is the Rallye MAX™ GPS fast enough for speed zones?

Having a fast GPS is the key to making the Rallye MAX-G™ feel like a fluid, analog instrument. The Rallye MAX-G™ uses a lightning-fast 5Hz GPS, giving updates 5 times per second! Your CAP headings and speeds update as fast as you can react, so you experience no penalties and super-smooth, straight-line HP navigation. In contrast, a slow update rate leads to overcompensation by the rider as he reacts to old data and waits for new data, which often means braking too late for speed zones and accumulating penalties! For example, a typical Garmin handheld GPS updates only once every 2 seconds (½Hz).

Are GPS-based instruments, like the Rallye MAX-G™, legal for FIM or the Dakar Rally?

The FIM and Dakar Rally regulations specify two things: 1) GPS-based instruments are prohibited, and 2) a wheel-sensor odometer is required. Most all other rallies require and allow any purpose-built rally instrument, including the Rallye MAX-G™. The Rallye MAX-G™ does not have the capability to show the user his location coordinates, so it is of little use for gaining unfair advantage.