CheckMate™ Battery Replacement

CheckMate™ Mail-In battery replacement can be purchased online. For other repairs, please see our CheckMate™ Reconditioning service. Please see our race schedule for possible delays.

CheckMate™ Reconditioning

If your out-of-warranty CheckMate™ requires internal repairs, such as replacing the LCD or the wires, we can now offer complete reconditioning. This service is purchased online and you will receive mailing instructions via email.

Rallye VRL™ and Dual Sport VRL™ Repairs

For repairs of your Rallye VRL™ or Dual Sport VRL™ computers, please see our flat-rate repair servicePlease see our race schedule for possible delays.

Technical Questions

ICO Racing™ authorized dealers are experts in rally equipment and preparation. For technical support, it's best to contact the dealer from whom you purchased your ICO Racing™ product.

If you purchased directly from ICO Racing™, please email our support team.

Tech Suff

Current Product Manuals

Legacy Product Manuals

    Enduro Race Sheets

    Users of CheckMate™ and CheckMate XL™ enduro computers can share enduro race sheets and programs on the CheckMate™ Enduro Google Group.