Troubleshooting Sensor Cables

Finding wheel pickup problems can be tricky. One troubleshooting approach that works is to isolate the computer from the sensor cable and test the computer itself.

To perform this test:

1) Disconnect the black sensor cable connector from the back of the computer.

2) Disconnect the grey thumb switch connector from the back of the computer.

3) Connect the thumb switch (grey) to the sensor cable lead (black) on the computer (fig 1).

Fig 1

4) Press and HOLD both the UP and DOWN buttons on the THUMB SWITCH simultaneously.

5) Ensure the computer shows the proper sensor closed indicator on the screen. While continuing to hold the buttons down, wiggle the wires.

a) If the sensor closed indicator stays lit during the test, the computer and it's leads are fine. Your problem is with the sensor cable, magnet, or magnet-sensor gap.

b) If the sensor closed indicator is intermittent during this test, or never appears, then you either have a damaged computer lead or have not performed the test properly.


Here are the sensor closed indicators on the various ICO Racing computer models.