Rallye MAX, MAX-G, and VRL Flat-Rate Repair

Regular price $ 150.00

Your new ICO Racing™ Rallye computer included a 12 month warranty. For Rallye products which are no longer under warranty or which have been damaged in use, we offer a flat-rate repair program. Turnaround time is typically 2-3 days.

Your Rallye MAX™, Rallye MAX-G™, or older Rallye VRL™ will be repaired, or replaced with a refurbished unit, at our discretion. Repairs include a 90-day warranty. For CheckMate computers, see our CheckMate Reconditioning option.

ICO Racing™ has two repair centers. One at our headquarters in Washington state, USA, and the other in Portugal at our European Service Center, operated by F2R. If you would prefer to send your repair to Portugal, please click for more information. Note that the European price is 165€, including VAT.

MAILING ADDRESS: Place your repair order online and we will email you instructions for sending in your computer, including the mailing address.

NOTE: In rare cases, extremely damaged units with no salvageable parts will not be eligible. Your repair fee will be refunded and the unit will be returned.