ICO Racing™ Opens European Service Center

ICO Racing™ Opens European Service Center

Commitment To Excellent Customer Service Is Unrivaled

ICO Racing™ today announces the opening of its European Service Center in Lisbon, Portugal. The European Service Center will allow customers an unprecedented ease of access to support and resources on the European continent.

Based in the USA, ICO Racing™ has been the leader in motorcycle rally racing computers since the late 1980’s when ICO Racing™ began partnering with European manufacturers and teams to build a computer rugged enough to conquer the legendary Dakar Rally.

“Having a Service Center on the European continent is a major convenience for our customers”, explains Dave Peckham, owner of ICO Racing™. “Partnering with our premier European dealer, F2R, makes perfect sense. Now all the top European Factory teams and riders have a direct link for ICO support inside Europe.”

“ICO’s Rallye MAX™ computers are second to none”, adds Tomaz Pessanha, the innovator behind F2R. “Our customers are thrilled that they can now get upgrades and repairs inside the EU and avoid long, expensive transit times.”

About ICO Racing™
Since 1986, ICO Racing™ has been the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of electronic navigation instruments for off-road motorcycle racing applications. Virtually every Dakar Rally champion has ridden an ICO-equipped motorcycle across the podium.

About F2R, Lda.
F2R offers professional rally navigation products, including the innovative RB750 Rally roadbook holder. Located in Lisbon, Portugal, F2R is well known to the world’s top teams and riders.

Media Contacts: 

Dave Peckham, ICO Racing, (+1) 415-578-1144

dave@icoracing.com, http://www.icoracing.com 


Tomaz Pessanha, F2R, (+351) 969 456 712

f2r@f2r.pt , http://www.f2r.pt/ico