ICO Racing Dealer Support

Dealer Orders

For registered dealers, please email your order to sales@icoracing.com. Our website doesn't handle dealer pricing and shipping discounts properly.

CheckMate™ Enduro Dealers

We are not accepting dealer applications for US dealers. ICO Racing™ provides direct support to US customers.

Rally Dealer Application

ICO Racing™ rally dealers are international race shops and retailers who purchase and stock ICO Racing™ products for resale and who provide excellent support to their customers.

Dealer Requirements

  • Dealers must specialize in rally racing.
  • Dealers must maintain a minimum, "in stock" inventory.
  • Dealers must have a retail store, website, or race shop.
  • Dealers must promote ICO Racing™ products consistent with the ICO Racing™ brand and the ICO Racing™ Media Kit.
  • Dealers must provide excellent technical customer service.
  • Dealers may sell ICO Racing™ products online via their own branded website, however,
  • Dealers must not sell ICO Racing™ products on auction, market, or social media websites such as eBay, Amazon, Monster Marketplace, eBid, Etsy, iOffer, Webstore, Online Auction, ePier, Overstock, uBid, Quicksales, WeBidz, or similar websites.

If your business does not meet these requirements please place your order through your local dealer or directly on the ICO Racing™ website.

If you meet these requirements please download the Dealer Application and email it to sales@icoracing.com.