CheckMate+™ Enduro Computer

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For years CheckMate™ has been the instrument of choice for enduro riders. Nothing else compares. It also has great functions for dual sport and adventure/play riding during the off-season.

New for 2015, the CheckMate+™ improves on the original by adding new style "tactile" switches, a faster processor, and 10% longer battery life. The proven enduro functions remain the same.

Features for conventional time-keeping enduros:

  • Calculates possible checks in the next mile
  • Late vs. early time shown on large bar graph
  • Late vs. early time shown in numeric format
  • Large "ENTER" icon indicates when it's OK to enter a check
  • Large "FLAG" icon indicates when a possible is within 1/10th mile
  • InstaRace™ infrared (IR) wireless transfer of race programs

Other features:

  • Lap Timer - Shows your lap time, lap distance & top speed
  • AutoCal™ - Automatically changes your wheelsize to match the club
  • Hold thumb for 3 seconds while in a check to delete all "possibles" 3 miles ahead
  • Enter a race in FIM format & use in ISDE qualifier events
  • Row number adjust for FIM & Brand X rules
  • Insert or Delete a line in the race program
  • Automatically checks the race program for any errors
  • Peak speed, trip distance, and full instrument distance are saved after each ride
  • Battery level indicator
  • One year warranty

National Format Enduros

AMA Nationals, and some regional events, use the RESTART format. These races have "points taking" sections, with "transfer sections" between each. While these are not conventional timekeeping events, a CheckMate+ tracks your progress in the event, such as how far to the end of a timed section and how far to the next RESTART. This race awareness helps to avoid mistakes, such as dropping extra points from arriving late at the next RESTART.

Download the manual for more details about all the features.

Race-ready kit includes:

  • CheckMate+™ Enduro Computer
  • Remote 3-button thumbswitch
  • Wheel sensor cable and mounting kit
  • Rare earth magnet kit
  • Mounting kit for handlebar clamps
  • Comprehensive manual
  • 440 hour internal lithium battery

The CheckMate+ Enduro Computer is designed and assembled in the USA.

Parts for manufacturing were backordered for a long time, so shipping will be delayed by up to two weeks while production catches up with demand. Please contact if you need one urgently for an event.