Programming a CheckMate Enduro Route Sheet

We're often asked why we don't supply the ICO-annotated route sheets anymore. The reason is mostly, it's pretty easy to do it, once you understand a few simple concepts. There is no mystery. Let's dispel that myth. Attached is the beginning of the Cowbell route deciphered, as an illustration. The rest of the lines you can figure out easily.

A few simple rules/tips:

* CHANGE means a SPEED line (or... if they give you a speed, it's a SPEED)
* FREE TIME means a PAUSE line (or... if they give you a time period, it's a PAUSE)
* RESET means... uh, RESET line ;-)

All lines need to know where they START. And then you know what else to enter depending on the screen. A SPEED line will ask for a number (000). A PAUSE line will ask for a time (00:00). A RESET will ask for a mileage (00.00). The punctuation marks are the clue. Times have a colon. Mileages have a decimal. Etc.

That covers 95% of routes.

Note that we ignore "gas available" and the "end" lines. Neither are really relevant or required.

There you have it. Ignore all the rest. I hope this helps to understand how programming your own route sheet. It's super easy!