ICO Racing Sponsors Baja Rally!

Bajarallymoto.com announced today that market leading ICO Racing has joined forces with the BAJA RALLY 2.0 as an official supporting sponsor for the groundbreaking 5-day motorcycle event this September in Ensenada, Baja CA, Mexico. For over 20 years, ICO Racing has been the undisputed leader in the design and manufacture of electronic navigation instruments for off-road motorcycle rally racing applications.

"This is great news for everyone in our sport”, explained BAJA RALLY Director Scotty Breauxman, “ICO is the gold standard in navigation component design and having them as a partner really adds credibility to our mission and let’s the world know we are aligned with only the best companies in their respective classes.”

Every rider participating in the BAJA RALLY 2.0 must have an adjustable electronic odometer and ICO is the most widely used rally computer of its type in the world. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the ICO Rallye VRL allows the pilot to keep track of mileage in both miles or kilometers and can adjust up and down by fractions of a unit to calibrate the route mileage during the stages of any rally.

“We expect some more announcements from ICO Racing as it pertains to our new partnership in the coming weeks”, Breauxman concluded, “I’m pretty sure there’s more to this alliance that’s yet to be announced”

More Information about Baja Rally: http://www.bajarallymoto.com